Just be aware of the goods and services you CAN purchase here.  Do we have everything?  No.  Do we have more than you realize?  YES!!!!!  Not sure?  Ask friends.   Post a message.  Get recommendations.

Compare prices AND service, add the gasused and the TIME lost. You may learn there is little to no difference in price, but a big difference in customer service and local benefits.

Local businesses support existing jobs and create an environment for new job growth for the near and  distant future, perhaps even for your children!

Though the privately owned Mom and Pop stores funnel more of their  money back into our economy, in Union County the corporate stores also strengthen our tax base for Union County services and provide many jobs.

How many of the people you know owner are employed at businesses here in Union County?  They are the ones who support community teams, groups, and events; employ local people; and bring in money to support local services.  Think of them FIRST.

When given a choice, CHOOSE to spend your money in Union County.  We ALL benefit from a stronger economy.

A 2012 Retail Study by University of Illinois Extension Educator Susan Odum reflected a retail trade leakage of $44 million for Union County, suggesting local residents spend a significant amount of their retail trade dollars outside of the county.

These are dollars spent online and in Cape Girardeau, Marion, Carbondale, and elsewhere.  Those dollars are taken out of circulation and no longer MULTIPLY as they go from business to person to business to person locally.

We can’t fix all the problems of Illinois, but we CAN make a difference in the future of Union County, the place where we, and hopefully our children, call HOME!